Satya Patidar

Satya Patidar

Team Lead

A hardcore programmer, Satya started with Newput in 2007 after graduating from School of Computer Science, Indore and is now leading the application development (front-end) in areas varying from Web development to iOS apps. His skillset includes deep expertise in RoR, JSP, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, jQuery, HTML/CSS and hybrid app development using ionic and cordova frameworks. He also has hands-on experience with Facebook’s ReactJS framework.

Satya’s eagerness to learn new technologies and a natural inclination towards sticking to coding standards make him well-positioned to deliver quality software to clients.

A trekking enthusiast and lover of badminton & volleyball, Satya regularly dishes out witty one-liners which come from deep observation. His motto: under-promise, over-deliver :)

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